The current state of Canada's economy has given a lot of people cause for concern. Many people believe that the country's headed for a downward spiral based on the fact that, since August 2015, Canada's economy has experienced a contraction every month. Their government was expecting a 0.0% growth - which, in itself, is a new low - but a 5-time reduction is arguably a lot worse.


As if that wasn't enough, the Canadian dollar is reportedly at the lowest it's ever been in the last fifteen years. Oil prices have dropped dramatically. Gas barrels are trading for less. And despite consumers' best efforts to offset the damage by continuously borrowing, spending, and just generally keeping the money flow going, it's a band-aid solution. Now, households have collated more debt on themselves, creating an entirely new economic risk by themselves.


It's not looking too good, is it?


Despite all this, there is still hope. Believe it or not, there's one sector has remained more or less unaffected by the economic storm Canada seems to be facing; the real estate market. Many are in agreement that despite public fears, there won't be any price breaks for this particular market in 2016. In fact, there's talk of a marked increase in average home prices - nearly ten percent, in fact. There are three major factors that will determine this part of Canada's economy, and with them the reasons why the Ontario or Aurora real estate market - or, really, any area in Canada - won't be crashing this 2016. See this MLS listings Newmarket from the main site.



It's a simple case of supply and demand. The economy may not be doing too hot, but Canada's population just keeps growing and growing. Families are getting bigger while new families are popping up - and they all have to live somewhere. There's not much room left for single-family housing, although people still dream of a house-and-lot combo - surrounded by a white picket fence and a front yard for the kids - that they can still call their own. But prices on the housing front are skyrocketing, and the condominium craze is looking more and more viable.



On the other end of the Aurora houses for sale front, it's possible that some areas in Ontario or Aurora will have cheaper housing options. With the economy contracting - sadly - more companies will be forced to do budget cuts. Budget cuts may very well result in some people getting laid off or demoted. These people - now on budget constraints of their own - will be forced to sell their homes and relocate to a cheaper area. This is another case of supply and demand. Supply goes up, demand goes down, prices drop like a ton of bricks. This phenomena evens out the over-priced housing scenario mentioned earlier.




Mortgage rates are rising, but they're not jumping off the charts. They're currently at a slow-but-steady pace, and the fact that they're not doing anything dramatic speaks a lot about the sector's stability. The Royal Bank announced an increase of 0.10% in their rates, and that alone speaks volumes. There would have to an extremely dramatic rise in mortgage rates to incite a market crash - the likes of which Canada has yet to see. The chances of this happening in 2016, according to market analysts, are pretty low at this point.

There are always a lot of real estate properties that are in the market today, and it is important that we should know a lot of things about the real estate property that we would want to buy so that we would be able to have a good deal. Real estate properties would have different kinds of value and they would depend on the location where the real estate is built and on how huge the property is. There are also real estate property that is constructed using a lot of expensive materials and has a lot of unique features making it very expensive. Make sure that you know the value of the property that you would want to have so that you would be able to prepare for a budget on it.


But before making any decision on buying Newmarket houses for sale, make sure that you only buy real estate properties that you are able to afford so that you would not be having a lot of problem in paying for it. Make sure that if you are going to be in debt in getting a property that you can pay for it so that you would not lose it because of it being repossessed by the lender.


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In choosing for a property make sure that there are enough space for you and your family to live in so that you would be comfortable in your new place. Make sure that there are also no problems in the property and on the area around it. Make sure that you should check the property yourself for any problems so that you would be assured yourself that you and your family would be able to have a good place to stay in.

Real estate properties are very expensive properties and they are very much difficult to sell if you do not have any knowledge and experience in selling them. When selling you real estate property it is important that you should first know the value of your property in current times. The value of real estate properties differs from time to time depending on the condition of the environment and when it is located. There are some places that depreciate in value or become much more expensive over time thus you could not always say that the value of your property would be the same as the time that you first bought it. It is important that you should have your property's value assessed by someone who is credible of doing property assessments of Newmarket Real Estate Agents so that you would know how much does your property cost.


It is important that you should know the value of your property before you sell it so that you would know how much to sell it for. It is also important that you should know if your property is hot in the market nowadays as it would also help you in putting a price on your property. If it is still hot in the market then you could put out a high price for your property as there would still be a lot of people who would be interested in buying it but if not then you should suffer some losses if you want it sold as it would make it difficult for you to sell it if it is not popular.


Real estate properties needs to have a good appearance when you want to sell it on the market and if you want it to have a good price. There are a lot of people who are doing some renovations and beautification on their property when they decide to sell them so that they would be able to put up a decent price for it and potential buyers would also be attracted to the way that it looks.



It is important that you should also do some proper advertisements when selling your property so that there would be a lot of people who would be able to see the property that you are selling. There are some websites online where you could post your ads showing the MLS listings Aurora that you are selling so that it can be seen by a lot of people.